ToothWave™ | World's First Toothbrush to Reduce Tartar


Regular brushing and proper oral hygiene aren’t the only quick fix to have a sparkling white smile. DentalRF™ technology by Silk'n launched the best electric toothbrush to bestow radiant smiles. We recognized that solely brushing your teeth cannot eradicate the accumulation of plaque and minerals from the saliva around the surface of the tooth. So, the ToothWave helps to eliminate the food particles stuck between your teeth. ToothWave™ by Silk'n is the first electric toothbrush that operates on the principle of electrochemical properties infused with DentalRF™ technology. It has been clinically accepted by the American Dental Association [ADA], that ToothWave™ has the efficiency to remove the crusty deposits around the teeth and gum line within 6 weeks. How does it work? It amplifies your tooth-cleaning potential by sending a mild Radiofrequency wave of charged molecules that destabilizes the bonds between the tooth's surface and the impurities. As those bonds are detached, they are replaced by the toothpaste molecules. Key Features: ● Gentle and extra soft toothbrush bristles ● Prevents & diminishes tooth stains by 3 times! ● An effective way of whitening your teeth by 4 times more results ● Combats plaque and lessens the chances of tartar build-up by 70% ● Helps to get rid of the gingivitis causing bacteria by 60%

Facetite | Facial Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

Whenever stealing a glance in the mirror, do you find yourself pulling back your facial skin and hoping that it would stay like this forever? Well, FaceTite by Silk’n is here to grant your wish with the breakthrough technology of at-home facial skin tightening and rejuvenation. It is an efficient home device not only for skin tightening but also serves in treating periorbital wrinkles. FaceTite has worked excellently on the surest signs of aging. From epidermis to subdermal fat, the anti-aging device promotes a uniform treatment through penetration into each skin layer with the combination of 3 energies. How does it work? Retrieve the youthful, fuller, and contoured face by FaceTite which performs on radiofrequency and light energies to provide heating for the reduction of aging spots. It intensifies the skin texture and complexion. The radiofrequency in this superior device induces heat which speeds up the process of reconstruction of elastin and collagen by proffering wrinkle-free skin. Key Features: ● Easy to use and mild to no pain during the treatment ● A non-surgical and non-invasive skin tightening device ● Results in glowing complexion and improved skin tone by 78% ● Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the corner of the eyes by 76% ● Radiant and smooth skin texture by 75% ● Enhances elasticity around the pores by 74% ● Diminishes pebbled chin by 70%


Tightra | Own Your Confidence


Vaginal rejuvenation is acknowledged as one of the popular treatments in aesthetic clinics all around the world. But these treatments maybe embarrassing, costly, time-consuming, and not quite hassle-free. Many women have claimed that Tightra by Silk’n has helped them to improve vaginal laxity after their childbirth. It is the first home-use product for women that has shown improvement in more supple and stronger vaginal tissues. How does it work? It is an at-home vaginal rejuvenation device particularly designed for women that works on BiPolar RF technology which releases optimal therapeutic temperature for the collagen contraction. Many women have seen noticeable results within 3-4 weeks. It has undeniably heightened self-confidence in women's daily life. So, reacquire your self-esteem as a complete woman with a super safe and effective device, Tightra. Key Features: ● Requires no recovery time, pain-free and non-invasive ● Helps to treat dryness and itchiness and improves vaginal laxity by 78% ● Improves the sensitivity and sexual pleasure by 89% ● Tones weakened pelvic floor muscles and reduces the vaginal discomfort by 89% ● Enhances lubrication during intercourse which enhances the sexual pleasure by 89% ● Improvement in vulva appearance by 66% ● Reduces the incontinence problem by 70%

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