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Silk’n FaceTite Z Version 3.0 (A Slider Gel included)


Silk’n Slider Gel


Silk’n Lipo Duo First Effective Home Use Fat Reduction Device For Targeted Fat Burning!


Silk’n Slider Gel Bundle X 3


Silk’n Infinity 2.0 New with Skin Rejuvenation!


Silk’n Tightra 2.0 (One Intimate Gel Included)


Silk’n Slider Gel x 6


Silk’n Toothwave Refill Brush Packaged In Pair ( 2 brush-heads)


Silk’n FaceTite Version 2.0 (with One Slider Gel)


Flash&Go Long Lasting Lamp 120K Pulses!


Silk’n Intimate Gel Bundle x 6


Silk’n SensEpil Lamp Cartridge 1K5


Silk’n Flash&Go Pro


New FaceTite Z Pro + FaceTite Mini Bundle Deal!


Silk’n ToothWave First RF Dental Technology Electronic Toothbrush


Silk’n Infinity 2.0 Cleansing Box


Silk’n Jewel


The NowMiLab PIR – NIR All in one Whitening & Rejuvenation Pro Device – New Model!


New Silk’n FaceTite Z Pro Anti-Ageing Device equipped with a light-based sterilizer that acts as a timer as well as to house the device when not in use.


Original Silk’n Adapter for use with FaceTite, Jewel and Lipo Devices – UK Version Singapore